Art Therapy Sessions

Nicky runs art therapy sessions for individuals, groups and organisations
A range of art materials will be available in each session and you will be able to choose what to do or make, and to express experiences and thoughts in a way that you are comfortable with.

At each session the Art Therapist can help you to get started, think about a theme or suggest materials to use. The Art Therapist will not analyze your work, or tell you what it’s about, but the art making process can help you to tell your story, or enable you to discuss the issues that have bought you to Ark Soul Art Therapy.

Sometimes the artwork might bring up things for you that are unexpected or upsetting. There will always be time towards the end of the session to talk with your Art Therapist about these feelings. Remember, your Art Therapist is not there to judge you or to tell you what to do, but they can help you to explore with you what you bring to each session.

Art Therapy sessions are available at Reesville, in your home or Organisation

Individual sessions are usually about one hour. Group sessions last between 2-3 hours

To discuss availability of appointments and fees please use the contact form (link to page)

* Pension rates available
** Multiple session discounts

Art Therapy Session

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