Ark Soul Art Therapy Services

How can Art Therapy help you?

Individuals can gain a greater sense of self, improve relationships with others and come to terms with difficult emotions or overwhelming feelings

Art therapy may benefit individuals who are:

  • struggling with fear, anger, anxiety or depression
  • affected by bereavement, feelings of loss or life changes
  • with mental health or addiction problems
  • dealing with stress or pressure
  • affected by abuse, violence or bullying
  • suffering with trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • with low self-esteem or confidence
  • with emotional, behavioural difficulties
  • with personal growth and development

There are many benefits from attending group Art Therapy session including sharing the art making process in the group setting, enabling participants to begin to understand their own difficulties and individual strengths, as well as discovering new possibilities to cope with issues or feelings

Ark Soul Art Therapy can provide group Art Therapy Workshops for organisations & businesses to support for staff who work in difficult or demanding environments to develop constructive coping strategies, or to enhance Team building

Ark Soul Art Therapy offers the following services:

    1. Individual Art Therapy sessions
    2. Group Art Therapy sessions
    3. Children’s Vacation Art Classes
    4. Adult’s Art Classes

And is involved with the following initiatives:

  1. Artful Voices Groups
  2. Queensland Hearing Voices Community

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